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Deer Me Deer Me: A comic by Sheryl Schopfer about a trio of roommates and the hassles that they lovingly cause each other. Happiness is annoying your friends.
Merry Christmas 2022

Wow! I sincerely did not mean for a full year to pass without Deer Me comic updates. I intended to create and run the next Deer Me chapter during the second half of this year, but that passed us by.

Well, having missed that marker, my current goal is to start whenever I finish the current Sharpclaw chapter, which I hope to do sooner than later. I do not know whether I shall bother building a buffer or just update with each page's completion, but I am leaning towards the latter.

Anyway, Deer Me is not abandoned or completed; I took a hiatus much longer than I expected, though I did not completely ignore Deer Me this year. Did you catch the four-page short story, Mars Needs Men, that posted earlier this year?

Merry Christmas!

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Characters: Thomas Millwood, Velvet Hairyson, Viana Doesulen